Posted by: SOE | May 18, 2009

Yay for Free Realms!

As those of you who follow various employee Twitter and Facebook pages already know, Free Realms hit a million registered users after being out for just seventeen days. That’s really awesome!

I thought of including some other fascinating facts about things that took seventeen days to achieve, but I can’t find anything off the top of the interwebs. You can, however, get lost in a boatload of interesting figures at The Mine of Useless Information like I did.

And I’ll bet some of those statistics aren’t all so useless. You’re bound to need one of those answers some day when you’re a contestant on a game show! Game shows are all about retaining tons of nearly useless bits of flotsam in your mind.

Don’t thank me now for this invaluable resource. Just send me one million dollars in hundred dollar bills; that apparently weighs just 20.4 pounds and is cheaper to mail than a million one-dollar bills would be.

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  1. “The average American will eat 35,000 cookies during their life span.”

    Just so all of you know ^_^

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