Posted by: SOE | February 10, 2009

Death…in Spaaaaaace!

After last week’s story, my ex-husband Rob commented that he doesn’t think my recollections are accurate concerning his role in my EverQuest character’s death. He can dispute all he wants; this is my blog and I can remember things however I want. Heh!

We did agree on the facts of my other deaths, in Star Wars Galaxies.

I had applied for a job with SOE and someone with SWG was going to call me for an interview. I had not yet played the game as it had only been out for a week. A week is forever to a rabid gamer, but I am not one of them. I am a frugal gamer and often wait until something goes on sale before I get it. In this case, the time between the email setting up the interview and the actual interview was about four hours. On the way home from school (I was interning at a law firm, going to school full time and working at night for an online game company…it was a busy time for me), I grabbed a copy of SWG.

My computer was not strong enough to run it, so all I could do was read through its little booklet and pace. When the interview call came, Rob had only just gotten home and was installing the game on his desktop.

“What do you think of SWG?” asked my interviewer. Well. At that moment, the only actual interaction I’d had with the game had been opening the box. I didn’t want to lie and use data from someone else’s online reviews, so I said quite honestly that I thought the art was lovely and I couldn’t wait to get more into the game.

Let this be a lesson to you out there: if you want to work for a game company, be more prepared than I was that first go. I didn’t get the job, although I later heard I didn’t do so badly in the interview. Anyway.

Rob and I got another copy of SWG (and upgraded my PC) so we could play the game together. I died a number of times in all sorts of unfortunate, cowardly ways. Chiefly I ran away from things, shooting at them over my shoulder and hoping I didn’t accidentally run into something even worse. When I finally created a character I was doing well with, Rob teamed up with me to go hunting.

Neither of us remember the name of the critter we were after, but we took our missions to the field and stalked our victims craftily. Rob was a shooter and I was a brawler. My job was to dash between the critter and Rob and kick it in the face while he shot at it. It’s the first time I grouped with someone in a game wherein I had a definite role to stick with and sometimes it was difficult. I wasn’t used to waiting until someone else was ready to do something. We had to coordinate our attacks, plan our missions to overlap and strategize on how to do things.

It was a lot of fun.

Except the day that Rob and I, looking intently at our respective computer monitors, stalked dinosaurs. He shot, I kicked and then suddenly we both realized we each had attacked different creatures. As the brawler, I was much closer to them both and was stomped to jelly.

As I lay there, I had plenty of time to reflect on how lovely SWG’s art really was while I watched Rob’s Twi’lek dashing up and down the distant hills in the sunset, a tiny silhouette with an angry dinosaur hard at his heels.

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