Posted by: SOE | December 16, 2008

December Musings

Howdy, howdy, sports fans! You’re back with your regularly scheduled if unpredictible Owlchick as your G.I.R.L. reporter this week!

It’s cold in Seattle right now. Not as cold as it is on the East Coast, but we got a little bit of snow and the temperatures are in the 20s. Brr!

We had our company-wide Town Hall event last Friday, where each game team shows off its work to the rest of the company. The San Diego folks were at the Convention Center, while here in Seattle we had the event streamed live to our conference rooms and desks. Pretty awesome!

Town Hall is a great event as it allows us to share the games’ progress with our far-flung coworkers. For me, one of the pleasures is seeing folks on screen that I used to see every day, in the hallways or on the same game teams. While I really do love living back in my hometown, I miss my San Diego coworkers, too.

I’m going to miss Julia Brasil, our G.I.R.L. intern, as well. While she and I didn’t work on anything together, her presence was really a bright light around the office. She has an amazingly infectious laugh and high spirits. For the past week or so, she was sharing a desk right around the corner from me and discussing games and strategy with the other artists nearby.

It’s very quiet in our little grouping of cubicles today, Julia! We already miss you!

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