Posted by: SOE | September 10, 2008


A few years back, someone asked me whether the change in the air signaled autumn to me as much as it did to him. I had to admit that no, it doesn’t. After all, I grew up in Hawaii and the seasons don’t change the way they do here on the Mainland. Since then, though, I do notice it and it’s somewhat bittersweet.

I’ve noticed it’s getting cooler at night and that the sun sets earlier and earlier. At midsummer, it sets after 9 PM. Now it’s dark before 8 and by the end of September, it’ll be dark by 7PM. When I get home from work today, I can wander around my backyard with slanting light filtered through the evergreens. In a couple of months, it’ll be dark by 4:30PM and there won’t be any gardening going on except on weekends.

The way that seasons change fascinates me. It gets colder at night and the shadows are different. Even the blue of the daytime sky is darker and more mysterious. I can see now why our ancient ancestors prayed fervently to the gods for protection against the world in which we live. Things change and there’s nothing we can do but try to enjoy the process.

This has been on my mind, especially after learning about the death of a woman I don’t even know. Everything I’ve read about her makes me wish I had met Laura “Taera” Genender, who had been with for a good amount of time before working as assistant community manager at CCP.

She was only 22.

So maybe her life was only as long as an autumn day; she apparently lived a full life, with lots of laughter and love. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?

My oldest son is 22 now. Maybe that’s why Laura’s death has been in my mind together with the changing days. I’m getting older :) And someone so young, well, she should be getting older, too.

In any case, I’ll be going to the nursery sometime soon to pick out some Spring-blooming bulbs. They have to be planted before the first frost so they have time to burble and germinate and whatever else bulbs do over winter. Crocuses and daffodils and hyacinths. They come back every year.

And right now, that sounds good to me.

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  1. Nicely written post :). It’s so sad (which doesn’t really cover it) to hear of a young persons death but, to think of her death that way – like an autumn day – it makes a lot more sense to me than to be negative in her loss, she sounds like a great person and thats what your analogy symbolises to me – life is great, treat it that way.

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